Writing Tips and Film Critique

How to Edit for Better Pacing and Storytelling Part 2

Part 2 of my video series on merging The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions into a single film is now live (you can find Part 1 here). In it, I show how cutting unneeded information from the film, such as The Merovingian's causality talk, strengthens that specific scene and the character at the heart… Continue reading How to Edit for Better Pacing and Storytelling Part 2


In Terms of Space

Think about this in terms of space. Without stars to provide light, There is dark. But stars are born; The dark simply is. In terms of space, The dark is the default, And it goes on forever. The dark is eternal. ...as the light of the stars is guided through dark space. Think about this… Continue reading In Terms of Space



I try. I try to do the things, the things other people do, do to feel right. Right? I try. I buy. They tell me to buy for myself. For myself, I share to try. I try. I try to share, but does anyone care, care to understand why, why I try, why I don't… Continue reading Trying