Thankful From A To Z

I was reading through some posts of a fellow blogger, Tricia, and found one with an activity concerning being grateful. The idea is to make an A to Z list of the things you’re thankful for, no matter how small. You can find her list at the link below (she’s not lying; it really is fun). Following that link is my A to Z list of what I’m thankful for.

A – Art. From writing, to poetry, to painting, to movies, to music, to dance, to the martial arts, without art, we wouldn’t be able to express ourselves. And if we couldn’t do that, well, that would seriously suck.

B – Books. I don’t read much, but if it wasn’t for books, my desk would still be wobbling.

C – Cats. I love cats. Maybe I should finally get one. Nah.

D – Depression. Yes, I have depression. And I think about suicide. But I like to be ironic about it by saying, “I have depression. If I wanted to live, there’d be something wrong with me.” So why am I thankful to have depression? Well, because so many people have it, it gives me a sense of normalcy, even though having it is supposed to be abnormal. See? Irony!

E – Eternity. Come on, who doesn’t look up into the starry night sky with endless wonder of just how vast space is? Also, who doesn’t think about life beyond this one with endless wonder of just how you avoid boredom while living forever? That, itself, keeps me from being bored.

F – Film. I love watching movies. I can watch anything, from summer blockbusters to Oscar bait. I can even watch a Seth Rogen movie and find it funny even though I’m not stoned out of my ass. Hard to imagine, I know.

G – Giraffes. I went to a zoo, recently, and fed a giraffe. Oh my God, they are such beautiful animals.

H – Hello Kitty. I just love Hello Kitty. No clue why. Maybe it’s because the name sounds similar to Katy Perry. I just love Katy Perry. No clue why.

I – “In Time.” My favorite song of all time. Go to YouTube, search ‘Robbi Robb In Time,’ and give it a listen. Very pick-me-upish. From the Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure soundtrack.

J – Jacket. Keeps me warm, yo.

K – Knowledge. I have a lot to learn. And that’s a good thing.

L – Love. Without it, we would never have gotten the Love Boat theme. Or Love Boat, for that matter.

M – Mortal Kombat! My favorite video game series. Also my favorite movie. Convenient.

N – No. I like this word. It’s simple and everyone understands what it means. Now if only people would learn to take it for an answer, life would be so much less stressful.

O – The letter O. It’s a circle. Trace a circle until you reach a place to stop and you will not stop. A circle is never-ending. Infinity can be found in the letter O. Also in the number 0, but who’s counting?

P – Power Rangers. It’s the one show that keeps the kid in me alive. Yes, I still watch Power Rangers. And I’m thankful Saban bought it back, saving it from being gone forever except in re-runs.

Q – Questions. I like asking them.

R – Rain. I love the rain. The way it patters in different tones off of different surfaces. The way the lightning draws my eye to it with every flash because of how pretty it is. The way the thunder rocks me to sleep at night. I love the rain.

S – Seuss. Dr. Seuss! I did some research on him for a presentation in a poetry class. What I discovered is that Dr. Seuss was the most geniusy genius in the gene pool, not only in his day, but every day, in every way. I wish schools would have kids study Seuss alongside Shakespeare, if only as a method of keeping the students awake during class.

T – Tawni; my writing instructor for two years. She recently had her first novel, Beauty of the Broken published. I still haven’t bought it, having only read the first chapter while sitting in a bookstore, which is probably why she doesn’t talk to me anymore.

U – Universal clarity. Yeah, I know it sounds like I’m making this one up, but if you clear your mind and allow things to come through in what some call that small voice, you can tap into something called universal clarity. That’s how I got the letter U covered here, so it must work.

V – Video games. If I wasn’t so addicted to video games growing up, I wouldn’t have broken out of that addiction and learned how so not important video games (and things, in general) are. I swear, someday I’m going to play video games again… someday…

W – “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.” Awesome song.

X – Xbox. Someday, I’m going to play Halo again… someday…

Y – You. Without you, there is no me. Existence is not a one-person show.

Z – Zombies. If there were no zombies, we wouldn’t have a television series that always kills off my favorite characters… and their children… Thank you, Walking Dead.


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