For everyone else
I fake a smile,
but for you
my smile is real.

As you bathe in lakes of brilliant grace
and rivers of massaging beauty,
gazing Cupid’s carefree arrows
throughout my awakening soul,
melting endless winters
of fragile snowflakes
into spellbound waters
overflowing banks of faded trees
rejoicing in their saturation.

As multi-colored balloons of every shape
wander after soft-boiled shades
of the lilac and rose sky,
in its soothing nakedness
setting a crowding stage
for impulsive jelly bean clouds,
rallying chases with each other
while chasing their cares away.

As we revel in royal meadows
of strawberry-scented stars
glimmering honored wishes
while petite blades sway green and blue,
motioning gently
in frisky ribbon winds whispering
a forever end to despair.

As showering threads weave
caressing silky sheets
drifting delicate sensations
on our pouncing flirtatious expressions,
encouraging fresh vibrancy
and flashing crackles
along encircling horizons.

As passing memories brush gentle kisses
onto crowns of moments
cherishing their place in desire’s clarity,
whose alluring lips press every delicious sense
in wittingly rousing ways
within the lucid embrace
of cordial-laced indecency
presenting candied invitation bouquets.

As we lay under elegant warmth,
our hearts and spirits pulsating as one,
spread over blooming plains
in the chattering tapestry
speaking of everything and nothing,
nourishing our every subtle joy
and mischievous stare
radiating ‘come hither’ tones
in the most irresistible ways possible.

And though a fantasy it may be
to everyone else,
for each other
our smiles are real.


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