I lay alone in the cursed night,

the Angel of Death awaits.

Awaiting I give in to fright,

pressing me to take the bait.

Trying as he might

to convince me of my fate,

forcing teardrops for my plight,

his embrace I await.


But a voice tickles my ear,

a voice so far, so near.

Why does it so appear

to hold me, my life, so dear?

“Who am I?” I ask in tears,

“Who am I that you bother

to take audience with me

rather than be with another?”


No answer can be discerned,

not a seed to be sown,

as I lay in the cursed night,

to figure it out alone.

“But I’m not alone,” I whisper,

a whisper with a dare

that I see this voice as it came

as a sign someone cares.


Who cares if I’m crazy,

hearing not someone there?

Crazy is my normal

because normal is never fair.

And so wonder fills my blood

as it travels through streams,

wonder transforming Death

from nightmare to dream.


A dream of pure acceptance,

not needing to know

who I am, why I’m here, why

the present lacks a pretty bow.

And as acceptance washes over,

stirring my thin soul rich,

this occurrence brings a grin

for Death is now my bitch.


I turn Death to where I wish,

where, duly, he will face

the foes who have haunted me,

awaiting them to embrace.

For fear, who filled me with worry,

for anger, who filled me with hate,

for doubt, who kept me in pause;

for them, the Angel of Death awaits.


And although weights are lifted,

the story ends not there

for one other digs in my soul,

calling itself the spirit of despair.

A mighty enemy this is,

one worthy of stories told

of its talent to crush life,

to leave bodies lying cold.


“How can I turn Death on you,”

I ask, tears falling true,

“when my friend you are too?”

or had been, for as long as I knew.

The salty streams of dew

I wipe from one eye,

the other stream let fall,

despair allowed to die.


Wake up to mourn the lot,

pieces of me gone,

but forgotten they are not

in what amounts to a con.

This is one battle fought

but the next will dawn

as peace is only caught

when the Angel is upon.


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