The Key To Happiness

Checking my email today, I see a blog post from Lolsys Library on #1000speak. Honestly, I hadn’t heard about this before today, so thank you, LL, for making me aware of it.

Anyway, yesterday, I was sitting on a bus and started typing some thoughts into my phone, as I sometimes do. Seeing as how what I typed seems to fit with what 1000speak is all about, in terms of showing kindness to yourself, I guess I’ll post it. Here it is. Hope you enjoy.


The key to happiness is meaning. This can take the shape of doing something meaningful for others, for a good cause, or doing something meaningful for yourself, because you are a good cause as well.

Waking up in the morning with a feeling that you have something to look forward to translates to happiness. If you dread getting up in the morning, if you’re not happy, then you are missing a piece and that peace is meaning.

When you look at people who are happy versus people who are not, putting aside afflictions such as depression, the difference between them is not religion, politics, race, or money. The difference is that a happy person adds meaning to life, in some form, while the sad person doesn’t, likely trudging along day after day in a job or lifestyle that is serving someone else. As the saying goes, if you don’t work to fulfill your own dream, you’ll work to fulfill someone else’s dream.

That said, the meaning you add to life doesn’t necessarily have to be something big, such as following a dream. It could be something small like building the ultimate ice cream sundae in your kitchen (and maybe doing it with your family). Larger meaning is great, but smaller meaning is also great as you can do it spontaneously for a quick shot of happiness.

And when you’re happy, you can make the people around you happy as your happiness seeps out and oozes over everyone as if The Blob is made of pure joy.


I’m not sure I ended this one very well.


By the way, I intentionally used “piece” and “peace” interchangeably to show that the peace you may be missing is the piece you desire, which is meaning. Oops, I did it again. Excuse me while I go flog myself for using a Britney Spears reference.

I love Britney. ❤


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