A Random Eternity

Children’s faces squishing with joy,

both raising smiles in approval,

desiring to see the show.

Their well-brushed, blonde and brown hair

shaking and whipping as tiny heads

turn constantly, eagerly

as the time to start draws nearer.


Lights sparkle her green banana clip,

playing well with her blonde hair

while she lets out a small burp

and lovely soft, “Excuse me,”

playing well with lively eyes

reflecting deep innocence

to her proud, smiling dad.


A slit of brown hair hangs

as a tongue gingerly extends

to her steaming mug,

relaying claims that it’s too hot

while telling her inquisitive grandpa

why she got hot chocolate;

simply, “Because I like it.”


Questions of how much longer to wait

given weight by impatient gazes

as a man in a Raiders T-shirt

passes by, commenting,

“It’s funny how five minutes

feels like an eternity

when you’re young.”

3 thoughts on “A Random Eternity

  1. aww, sweet innocence touches my heart, too. i lov children and dislike it much that they turn into adults. well, i do have a few kind adults in my circle of friends but most ppl fail to keep the innocence and sweetness of youngsters.

  2. p.s. i drink alot of hot chocolate over the winter. does this qualify me to fit into your circle of friends? jk 🙂

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