Many say they don’t fear the dark.

But when it comes time to stand

at that threshold

and step into the lonesome void,

how few can do it without hesitance.

How few will accept it,

embrace it,

die as they lived.



Many say they don’t fear the light.

But when on the radiant

saintly crossroad

at the welcoming gates of Home,

how few can look directly into it.

How few will expect it,

covet it,

die as they lived.



3 thoughts on “Dark/Light

  1. Steph

    i do not fear the inevitability of death. in fact my curiosity is peaked. i want to know the next journey. it helps that i believe in reincarnation. 🙂

    i like it because it is not like darkness of life…where everyday is the unknown and a curtain hides the unexpected..which could be bad…or good.

    i know i am contradicting myself as death could also be a land of darkness and i may plunge into a void of an unknown galaxy. somehow i have managed to find peace with it.

    will anyone miss me when i’m gone. i dont know and dont care.

    i may die alone and thats ok. why do others fear dying alone? what can it hurt. unless i am suffering terrible agony and need pain relief i dont feel that i need a hand to hold me as i exit. I guess it would be nice to have a very spiritual person by my side, giving me comfort as I make the transition. 🙂

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