The Greatest

Spring Training is here for baseball fans young and not as young, which gives me the perfect excuse to post my personal favorite baseball-themed song. Titled “The Greatest,” this serene Kenny Rogers tune does a fantastic job of capturing the kid in every athlete, whose career likely began simply by picking up a bat and ball and taking a few swings. It’s a nice reminder that the sports we enjoy watching can pretty much be summed up as adults still enchanted by the magic of playing a kids game; because there’s just something special about the crack of a bat on a warm afternoon with the cheer of the crowd and the smell of popcorn and hot dogs filling the air.

What this song also does is offer a wonderful message of not giving up and, even when facing failure, keeping a positive attitude. Enjoy. 🙂


One thought on “The Greatest

  1. Steph

    baseball is my favorite sport to go watch in a stadium. on tv it would bore me.

    kenny rogers has a fabulous voice. my fav of his songs is “lady”

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