What Could Have Been

I dream of a better yesterday,

one with celebrated delights.

Of sunny days wrapped in frolic

and endless ribbons on soaring kites.


Of friends who were always there

as well as those I also loved.

And stories told and laughing the norm,

giving a sense that someone’s above.


Of a love undying as love could be,

on and on ‘til daylight slims.

And holding hands as we spin our thoughts,

giving life to our kissful whims.


Of candles who cradle flickering flames

as we splash our joys in the bath.

And tracked puddles and a garments trail

spelling out our playful paths.


The future holds its unknowns,

in destiny’s eye but a gleam.

But I care not what occurs, for to me

the past is best remembered in dream.


11 thoughts on “What Could Have Been

  1. Steph

    i can empathize with your wish to make the past better. i feel that way often and want to erase it, complete it, fix it…but it is over …and so i kinda just want to erase the worst parts and move on.

    I am now living for today and hoping to make this present better so my future — what may be left — is haunted with less regrets.

    my problem is that i want to do too much and fear i may be overextending myself and living recklessly…for fear of not living enough. i am not afraid of killing myself or anything dreadful but do fear hurting others.

    1. I have that same thought going through my head, being careful of not going to one extreme as a response to having been at the opposite extreme. Finding a balance isn’t easy, but I’m sure you’ll find that balance of living well without hurting other people.

      1. Steph

        I hope you’re right. I know I must exercise prudence and patience but i am pretty weak in the patience dept. 🙂

      2. Think of building patience like building muscle. When you lift weights, the point is to tire your muscles to give them opportunity to become stronger. When something tires your patience, approach it as a way to make your patience stronger. You can’t exercise patience without the opportunity to do so.

        That’s just the way I think about it, anyway, to try to see things that would make me impatient in a more positive light. Good luck to you. 🙂

  2. I love how bittersweet this poem is! It also resonates strongly with me, with the idea of “Of friends who were always there” and “Of a love undying as love could be”, that has obviously ended.

    The rhyme and meter are also exquisite

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