The Birthday Massacre

Usually, I only link to one video from an artist I post about here, but there are a few songs from The Birthday Massacre – a Canadian band who can put together some awesome tunes – that I can’t… stop… listening to for reason or another. The first video is a track called “Sideways,” followed by “Rain” and “Down.” I hope you enjoy. 🙂

P.S.: When I get my novel published and it’s inevitably made into a movie, I’m so lobbying hard for “Down” to be played in the end credits. It’s a perfect fit.

P.P.S.: The order of the videos is not some encoded message. “Sideways Rain Down” means nothing to me. Really.


For more from The Birthday Massacre, including a whole lot of fan-made videos from a contest they held some time ago, check out their YouTube page:

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