But Love Doesn’t Die, As Love Soars High

I was recently honored with an official nomination to take on the challenge of writing a 10-line love poem. Thank you, Lolsy’s Library, for the nod. To read her extraordinary poem, click here.

The rules I was given is for the ten lines to be made up of four words each with the word “love” showing up in every line. And here is the result. I’ll stop typing now so you can read it. lol

Oh, and I’m supposed to nominate ten other people to take on the challenge of writing a 10-line love poem. Their blogs are listed below the poem. Now I’ll stop typing. 🙂


Not hurt in love,

hurt out of love.

What you feel, love,

unwanted by your love.

But love doesn’t die,


it transforms to love

of another to love,

to call your love

and embed your love,

as love soars high.


And now, check out these ten blogs run by ten lovely people who may or may not see this and may or may not take on the 10-line love poem challenge even if they do (just wanted to give them a shout-out):






Okay, that’s only five, but I’m kind of pressed for time right now. lol Plus, their blogs are so good, each one should count for two. 🙂


8 thoughts on “But Love Doesn’t Die, As Love Soars High

  1. Steph

    ten lines with four words on the subject, i believe, would yield a lovely poem. the love word in every line seems superfluous. So, i’m sorry; cant commend this write on this day.

  2. Hey Gabriel, Thanks for the nomination. This is the third time i am being nominated to write about Love in 10 sentences 😀 I already have posted one poem on my blog but i will try to write one more 🙂

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