S.omewhere I.nside N.owhere

The only path to me
is to know there is no path,
accept a way
where none exists.

That is why I am
never found.

For finding me
would become lost.

That is your reward,
why I keep you away
from a price paid
for trying to love me.


6 thoughts on “S.omewhere I.nside N.owhere

      1. I have just re read it and it’s actually quite haunting. I am guessing where there is no path then there is no return. It is like the black Sea which will swallow you up but I shouldn’t be scared…
        Funny how one sees it on a second read.
        Have a nice day.

      2. I was once told that when someone makes a strong observation about something you wrote, it’s a good idea to say, “Yes, I intentionally did that,” whether it was purposeful or not. That said…

        Yes, I intentionally did that. Good catch. 🙂

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