OMG! I’m Not Only A Blogger, I’m Creative Too!

I can’t believe it! I’ve been nominated for the Creative Blogger Award.

Creative Blogger Award

The terms of receiving this award are to simply place the Creative Blogger Award logo somewhere, link back to the person who nominated you, list 5 random facts about yourself, and nominate 5 other blogs. That all sounds yellow peachy to me, so here I go.

Thank you to the lovely bellanoctis for the honor. Please, check out her site for some excellent photography and wonderfully-written poems. Trust me; I’ve hit the Like button many times there, and never once by accident.

Five Facts About Me:
– I like watching bad movies, such as Avengers Grimm.
– I can jump into a current TV series and understand what’s going on without having to watch it from the beginning. (Thank God, because catching up on seven seasons of The Big Bang Theory would take a lot of time.)
– I love a good documentary, such as Antarctica: A Year On Ice.
– For some reason, I respond well to the color turquoise.
– There’s nothing I appreciate more than dogs barking Star Wars music…

…and cats too…

Those cute kitties and puppies are a tough act to follow, but I’ll try anyway. Here are Five Blogs I’m Nominating:

Please give them all a click, give them all some Likes and Follows, and spread the love!

Thank you again, bellanoctis. I’d drop the mic, but I’m not holding one. I’m out.

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