Love Mourning

“A life well spent
is one spent
preparing for death,”
is what I’ve learned.

So I live for my demise
I’ve no motivation to live,
is what I believe.

But I come upon you
and you me,
suddenly reasons change
as I live for your smile.

When you are saddened
my heart wilts
at the tremble of your voice
while I caress your troubles.

And when joyous again
we drink wine
while drinking of each other,
stumbling in our ecstasy.

And as you are ripped from me,
from this life,
I wonder for whose death
should I have been preparing.

7 thoughts on “Love Mourning

  1. We walk the Earth towards the path of death, our objective pretty much mapped. Then Love comes along and suddenly we want to walk another path. Death then becomes the Green eyed monster. But in the shadows it smiles knowing your newly found attachment will bear only hurt and separation, for all paths lead to Death itself.
    As the kind and considerate author recently put, pain is inevitable, suffering optional.

    1. “Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.” I got that from an episode of Arrow. Ironically, it’s the villain who says it, maybe because the heroes don’t yet realize this; or maybe because they believe that not suffering makes one less human (even though the heroes are always trying to prevent circumstances that would bring about pain).

      Whatever the case, I love the way that show blurs the lines between what makes a hero and what makes a villain.

      Thanks for the comment. Very much appreciated. 🙂

  2. ‘love mourning’ peom – very touching and thought provoking … I feel I have been in that place , am in that place and therefore hopefuly prepared for me… but I will never be prepared for another in my life – this is what I have learned. It’s a subject not often disgused but one we all face eventually … warm regards … Karen

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