My Third Award And Only Two Hands; How Will I Carry It?

Many thanks go out to Stephysweetbakes for nominating me for the Liebster Award! Check out her blog for some amazing baked goods. I swear, I get so hungry every time I go there. 🙂

Anyway, the rules for this award, beyond thanking the person who nominated you, are to answer the ten questions posed by the person doing the nominating, nominate a few other blogs, and list ten questions for them to answer if they choose to participate.

Here are the ten questions given to me to answer:

1-What’s your favorite thing to cook/bake in the kitchen?

Anything I can plop a healthy layer of frosting onto, including cakes, cupcakes, and why not put frosting on cookies? I’ve put frosting on cookies before.

Oh God, have I done it before.

2-What’s your favorite place to shop?

Except for food, I really don’t shop. Yeah, I buy clothes, but the last time I bought T-shirts, I simply looked for a 4-pack with different colors. That’s not to say I don’t have a single fashion bone in my body; I do have a thing for boots.

3-Do you believe that saying “the older you get, the more wiser you get”?

I did believe that when I was younger, but then I realized how unwise it was to correlate learning with age. But after I came to that conclusion, I realized that I had aged a few minutes within the time it took to come to that conclusion, meaning that I was now older and wiser. But then after I came to that conclusion, I realized that I was just over-thinking the matter and stopped believing it, if only so I could claim that it was something I once believed, but am now the wiser for not believing in my later years.

4-What would you settle for, a good walk or a nice bed to take a nap in?

This one’s easy. I walk all of the time, but I don’t currently have a bed. So yeah, I would like a bed. But not right now.

5-Do you have kids, and if so how many?

I don’t have kids.

On that note, you probably wouldn’t be surprised how difficult it is to attract a woman when you don’t have a bed. It’s somehow seen as a negative.

6-If you could pick ANY vehicle to own, what would it be?

Doc Brown’s time-traveling DeLorean from Back To The Future. If I could travel back in time, I’d stop myself from being born. Then I’d sit back and see how different life is without me.

Wait. If I stopped myself from being born, then how would I be around to observe anything?

Oh well, another good plan foiled by logic.

7-Where would you enjoy living more? The country/farm land, the ocean or the city?

Ocean. I like the sound of water and waves and rain. I like watery sounds.

8-Who is your favorite character on the show The Golden Girls? Hard choices lol.

That’s a very tough choice, but I’ll have to go with Rose. Who didn’t love Betty White back then?

Who doesn’t love Betty White now?

9-Which would you rather: A cake, a hamburger, a rice Cake, a malt, or brownies?

Can I say, “All of the above except for the rice cake?”

10-Pick one: Blue, Purple, Orange, White, or Yellow

Can I pick a specific shade or can I only pick the color in general?

Okay, I’m supposed to nominate some other blogs here. So, here are a few wonderful blogs I’ve recently come upon:

Problems with Infinity

Feisty Harriet

Cats at the Bar

The Light of a Thousand Stars

Yulee Foster

Go check out their blogs, they have some amazing content!

And now for the ten questions I’m posing to my nominees:

1-How often do you visit your local library?

2-At what point in your life did you discover that Santa Claus isn’t real?

3-At what point in your life did you rediscover that Santa Claus is real?

4-DC or Marvel? (Please don’t say “both.” Any true DC or Marvel fan knows that you must choose one side.)

5-Do you watch local or world news or do you find news coverage too depressing to watch?

6-If you were caught in the middle of a fire, what would you rather have: a bucket of water, a fire extinguisher, Superman’s super breath, or a sexy firefighter (male or female) to save you?

7-Is there always room for Jell-O?

8-If you could eat at one restaurant for free for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

9-Does this question have any wrong answers?

10-Is Sheldon, from The Big Bang Theory, your favorite television character, and if not, why do you have such poor taste in television characters? (I think that’s how Sheldon would ask this question.)

Thank you again, to Stephysweetbakes for the nomination. And thank you to those I nominated for producing fantastic blogs that I can leisurely spend time on without feeling like I’m procrastinating.

11 thoughts on “My Third Award And Only Two Hands; How Will I Carry It?

  1. Congratulations on the award and thank you for the nomination! You are very kind. I’ll be honest, I always try to post about it but just never have the time. So in keeping with rules, how about I answers your questions here. 🙂
    1) haven’t been to library in years, but buy books almost daily
    2) Santa isn’t real !?!
    3) See above
    4) Marvel (Spiderman was my favorite)
    5) World but in small dosages, sad
    6) Superman,s breath (definitely not mine, I just had garlic bread)
    7) Blech! Hate Jello. I was in the hospital as a child for a couple of long stays and had Jello every day. I OD’d on it.
    8) Bar-B-Barn Montreal. If you’ve ever been there, you’d understand. Ribs, chicken, barn wood decor. To die for.
    9) NO
    10) Sheldon rocks! Also love Howard for his sarcasm – Raj for his metro-sexuality – Lenard for being the best straight man – Penny over Pria any day of the week.
    So I’m glad to get to know you better and hope I haven’t scared you with my answers. 🙂

    1. It was a lot of fun. Thank you. 🙂

      By the way, if I had to seriously answer the question of what vehicle I want, I’d have to go with the TRON light cycle. I don’t drive, but I would just to drive around on that thing. Yeah, I’m a total geek. lol

  2. I’ve never thought about that before (referring to question 3) you definitely made my brain explode. (But in a good way, not like blood every where… I’ll stop now.)

    I laughed at the part about attracting women without a bed! Maybe some women like men who don’t have beds, though. Maybe you can make an online dating profile and on your bio you can put ‘doesn’t have a bed’ then maybe you’ll attract the women who are afraid of beds!

    Although it’d be cool to have a time machine, it’d also be cool to have a DeLorean.

    Rose is my favorite Golden Girl, too. 😛

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