It’s Not A Bird, It’s Not A Plane, It’s Not A Man

I just finished checking out the First Look for the new Supergirl series coming this Fall to CBS and I can’t believe that I was actually blown away by it.

For some context, I’ll let you know that I really haven’t been excited for superhero stuff lately. You could say it started with Guardians of the Galaxy, which I didn’t flip over like a normal fan of comic book movies. I was disappointed by The Avengers: Age of Ultron after seeing and not caring for the Ant-Man trailer. Marvel’s television show Agents of SHIELD feels like a chore to keep watching, which is why I stopped watching Agent Carter after not feeling the first episode. And while I’ve only seen one episode of the Netflix series Daredevil, and thought it was pretty cool (the fight scenes, at least), I fell asleep watching it and haven’t had the time or inclination to make some time to watch any more episodes.

On the DC side, I feel like Arrow has fallen from grace this season while The Flash started slow but picked up the pace pretty well. (Did you catch the dreary speed pun?) And while I felt Gotham had potential as a gangster show involving a cop wrestling with his morals, it seems to have lost its way in the last couple of months worth of episodes.

I really haven’t felt very much in a superhero mood as of late. The only thing that I can honestly say I’m excited for is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. That is, until I saw the Supergirl First Look.

It starts with Kara (the future Supergirl) as the lowly secretary to a boss who’s kind of bitchy, but in a funny way. Throughout this initial peek into Kara’s world, we get to see a bit of her family and co-workers, including a black Jimmy Olsen who is a refreshing change of pace from the lanky type of Jimmy Olsens we’ve seen in various Superman films to date.

As Kara embraces her powers, she turns to her friends for support (or, ideas on how to make a cape that can survive her superheroing), going against the normal ‘nobody can know my secret identity’ cliché that superhero shows tend to begin with but completely betray as the show goes on (I’m looking at you, Arrow and Flash). It’s clear from this First Look that the Supergirl series intends to have fun with the whole idea of being a superhero while weaving into that an appropriate amount of drama.

For me, this is a welcome change from what we usually see from superhero shows and movies, which is action and overdramaticness first and then sprinkle in some humor along the way. Supergirl feels like it’s going for a nice balance of drama, comedy, and of course action.

This Fall, I’m so rooting for Supergirl to deliver and this First Look has stirred up all sorts of positive feelings in me. I guess the ‘S’ does stand for hope.

But don’t take my word for it. Take a look and judge for yourself.

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