Spide… eh, Table?

While I was out to lunch yesterday – physically and mentally – I was sitting at a table when a tiny spider crawled up on the table and gazed upon me with his adorable eyes. Of course, I had to pull out my phone to take a picture.

No sooner than I held my phone close to snap the picture did he proceed to hop onto my phone. Then he hopped onto the back of my hand, then across my hand. It really seemed like he was playing with me.

Unfortunately, I had to get back to procrastinating from work so our play date had to come to a close. I held my hand near the edge of the table and he hopped onto it. He turned around and looked at me with those adorable eyes once again so I held up my phone and took a picture. I think he really wanted that.


He did come out blurry as my phone lacks a focus function, but at least the table came out somewhat clear.

Maybe I should call this a picture of a nice-looking table that a blurry spider just happened to be sitting on. Yes, the spider was naturally blurry.


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