Where Things Come From

We walk them up to the counter
and show them how to order.
We give them a sense that
‘behind the counter’
is where things come from.
We give them an attitude of
‘it’s their job’
and so we shall be served
to our satisfaction.

Order and be served
as momentary kings and queens
who overpay in full
and sometimes leave a bad tip.
Perhaps attendants deserve it,
the ones who feign interest
keeping us happy and engaged.
Perhaps we deserve
our expected common exchanges.

They observe what we do,
what we’ve become,
what we’ve made ourselves.
They have no choice
but to emulate who we are,
repeat our familiar act.
What are we teaching them
if not to order and expect
while we partake in the madness?

What are we teaching them?

What if the castle falls?

Are we teaching them to fall with it?


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