Of All That So Mindfully Wanders

Enter into that place of whirling unknowns
inches deep from the mind’s grasp,
embedded under the soul’s satin sheets,
impenetrable to the outside world.

That place of impossibly happy machinations
swirling in the warm, cool air;
inhaling the innocent rain smell,
exhaling a tribute to every petal’s brilliance.

Of twirling smiles and sparkling glares
on the rickety raised stages
highlighting candy-striped carnivals
never threatening to end.

Never ceasing in allowing
the harmonies and melodies and rhythms
to contort and contour the heavens
in the most enjoyable ways possible.

Rightfully so do dresses swing and crimp
out of tune with the vivacious steps,
futilely attempting to catch each one
in soft and hard chases from one another.

Rightfully so do shirts lose track
of intentions toward well-pressed formality,
declaring spontaneous wrinkles to and fro
the dominant species of the day.

A day in uncluttered infamy
singing out into the embracing sky
as the choruses high on their perches
respond in kind to form a perfect circle.

The infinite loop of an ideal ecstasy
alive with welcomed sights and sounds
and smells and touches and delicate tastes
satisfying the insurmountable desires of joy.

A playground for stubbornly deceived eyes,
as pictures moving and twisting and turning,
exactly falling into anticipated places;
the divergent pieces fitting as they should.

Lovingly pure in their overdue imagery
of all that so mindfully wanders
the frigid depths of the fractured heart,
holding firm in its blessedly shared creation.


4 thoughts on “Of All That So Mindfully Wanders

    1. Thank you! 🙂

      Yes, I wrote this myself. It was inspired by the movie Saving Mr. Banks, the story of how Mary Poppins went from beloved book to beloved Disney film. I really connected with the way P.L. Travers’ father, in the movie, encouraged her to be in a place of imagination. It’s a lovely film. If you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend it.

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