Shoutout To Footnote

Allen Ginsberg was born this day, June 3, 1926. If you don’t know who he is, you can read up on him on Wikipedia. My favorite of his poems is called Footnote to Howl. The below video features Ginsberg reading the poem, after which is a poem I wrote in the same style as a tribute to a man who lived his life having the courage to be himself and standing up for others.

Warning: This poem may not be for children.

And now for my poem: Shoutout To Footnote

Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy!

The morning is holy! The day is holy! The night is holy! The moon is holy! The lame start of this Ginsberg rip-off holy!

Creation is holy! evolution’s holy! the unknown is holy! all belief is complementary! All belief an angle!

The freak’s as holy as the cognizant! The preacher is holy as you in truth are holy!

The computer is holy, the moly is holy, the scribe is holy, the messages are holy, the reality is holy!

Holy Muslims, holy Christians, holy Atheists, holy the Wiccans, holy Hindus, holy the Jews, holy the Jedi, holy those chanting prayers and studying doctrines, holy those believing nothing at all!

Holy those having not a single fuck to give! Holy the word “fuck” with a good partner… I’ve heard!

Holy the voices of people! Holy their blunt conversations! Holy their troubles and doubts and exchanging of encouragements!

Holy their hurts brought into powerful healing light! Holy life being cause for deliberate swearing! Holy their jubilance while taking the Lord’s name in vain!

Holy the medicated! Holy the stable and the unstable! Holy the self-deluded and self-righteous! Who can’t see the forest OR the damn trees!

Holy Utah, Holy Varanasi, Holy Jerusalem and Bethlehem, Holy Sarnath, Holy Mecca, Holy the Earth, Holy wherever!

Holy those walking around lost, holy those walking around found, holy aimless wander, holy erratic wonder, holy the lovingly accepted, holy the always rejected!

Holy the large, holy the petite, holy their faces, holy their glorious names, holy their spirits, holy those entering this world, holy those going Home, holy the jaded, holy the living!

Holy native! asian! hispanic! black! white! Holy! You! heterosexual! homosexual! Holy your ways of being just who you are in this purposely imperfect moment!


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