Thunder… Thunder… Thunder…

I so want to exclaim, “ThunderCats, hooooooooooooooooo!!!!” but I can’t because this isn’t about ThunderCats or my now implied desire to be a long-haired lion hybrid with a small sword that can grow really big on command (you got to wonder about all of the sexual innuendos we missed in our cartoons when we were kids).

What this is about is the Encouraging Thunder Award!

WordPress award - Encouraging Thunder

An enormous Thank You to Gail from! She tells me she nominated me because of my gifts and talents, but in all honesty, I don’t see myself as gifted; I feel more like the alien riding the short spaceship. Anyway, her blog is filled with amazing recipes and wonderful pictures of the dishes she cooks up. You’ll also find flowerful photos along with an occasional reference to her adoring husband, Gerald, who sounds so lovely that I may just swoop in and steal him away. And I’m not gay, so that’s saying a lot.

The rules of this award are very simple, probably the easiest I’ve come across so far:

-Thank the person who nominated you.
-Nominate a few other bloggers.
-Don’t take credit for making the logo, because I’m assuming that would be bad. You know, lawyers and stuff. I guess.
-Share your story about your purpose in blogging.

See? Easy peasy deezy, Weezy!

My nominations for this award go to:

Check them out; they are all worth more than a good look. 🙂

My purpose in blogging is pretty simple: to write.

That’s all.

I started this blog back in August 2012 as a forum for writing practice during my first fiction writing class. “But wait!” you say. “Your archive only goes back to October 2014.” Yes, and that’s because no one read anything I posted through November 2013. Not one view. So I trashed everything and started over.

Version Two of this blog began in December 2013, focusing solely on poetry because I was now taking a poetry class. Let me tell you, my poetry sucked before that class. Somehow, my instructor (who was also my fiction instructor) worked a miracle and was able to bring something out of me. She would probably say she’s that damn good of a teacher, but I sometimes wonder if I was more inspired by her uncanny resemblance to Xena: Warrior Princess. Anyway, no one read my stuff the second time around, so in May 2014, I trashed everything and took a break to wonder why I bothered posting anything.

And so I stopped writing anything that could normally be considered a form of self-expression. And at one point, I really thought I was done with the whole blogging thing.

Then a funny thing happened one day in early October 2014. After an encounter I had with a lovely religious lady, I was feeling incredibly depressed and just started writing. I ended up writing a little piece called Living My Truth, which is so personal that I haven’t showed it to anyone, ever. I wrote it as if I was going to post it to my blog, but I didn’t. I just filed it away in a folder. But what that did was give me a nagging feeling to start blogging again. So late that month, I wrote a piece about the Oakland Raiders (my fave NFL team) and their troubles with getting just one win. It was about feeling like a constant failure, something I completely understand.

After that, I thought about posting short stories and poems, and so I did. I also began writing my thoughts on certain subjects, passing along what I call good music, and writing straight opinion pieces. It felt kind of strange to be writing on a regular basis again. And it was strange that the only motivation I had for writing was the simple act of writing, despite my desire to do something else. But the strangest thing that happened is that people were now reading what I was posting.

I don’t know why.

Maybe the third time really is the charm. Or maybe it was just time.

10 thoughts on “Thunder… Thunder… Thunder…

  1. Well, I’m glad you decided to continue blogging in the end because now there are great people who will read your blog and comment. (Kind of like me, but I’m not talking about me at all.)

    If you had stopped writing, we wouldn’t have met and I wouldn’t be here writing this comment on your post! What a strange world that would be….You’ve become such a good friend (and yes, I think of you as a friend and you’re going to like it. :P) and I’m so glad that I found this blog (or maybe you found my blog? I don’t remember.)

    Never stop writing. 🙂

    1. We could argue about who found who’s blog, if you like. And we can make it one of those strange arguments that goes so completely off-track that at some point in arguing about whether unicorns actually existed or really are magic, we’ll both be like, “Wait. How did we get to arguing about unicorns?” And then we’d have to backtrack through our previous subjects of argument such as George R.R. Martin’s projected lifespan, the actual threat level of walking zombies versus running zombies, and Bruce Willis: Peaked at Die Hard?

      Wait. What was I talking about?

      1. True, but sometimes those arguments are called for. I mean, if we ended up going along with the argument, then we’d have a new book idea. Or we’d learn something new about unicorns (what’s the qualification of a unicorn because I’m sure they exist somehow) and find out we might have been wrong the whole time on the subject of running zombies versus walking zombies. (Though, I do think that running zombies are more dangerous than walking zombies because if they run, they may trip over their broken off leg and tackle you. If they were walking, they’d most likely just fall over).
        What was the original question again?

      2. Oh, well to answer that question, you’d need to actually TASTE a rainbow. Have you ever tasted a rainbow, Gabriel? I have and I can tell you that a rainbow tastes more like M&Ms than Skittles. Clouds, however, taste exactly like Skittles. 😛

      3. I have actually tasted a rainbow. I’ve tasted two rainbows, in fact, so I think I’m very much qualified to answer the question of whether Skittles taste like a rainbow. And I have to say that, yes, certain colors of Skittles taste very much like a rainbow. Other colors, I’ll concede, have more of a cloud flavor to them. But the majority of Skittles colors, yes, do taste like the rainbow. I can’t speak for M&Ms because I’m allergic to the outer shell layer. My mouth goes limp, I can’t feel my tongue, and I can only groan like a zombie. …walking or running, your choice.

      4. Hmm…interesting. (First, I feel very sad for you. You’ll never discover the true joy of eating five bags of M&Ms and then puking different colors. Sorry for that visual :P). I guess if you can’t eat M&Ms then I could see how Skittles wold taste like it. I think that all Skittles taste the same, though. Like the purple one tastes exactly the same as the yellow one. (My dad does not agree and we’ve actually had hour long arguments over this.) Therefore, I think that if one Skittle flavor tasted like a rainbow or cloud then all of them would taste like a rainbow or a cloud.

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