Palette-Swap Ninja

Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy playing video games… when I can afford to (those things be expensive, yo), which is why it’s cool when I can find something game-related that’s free of charge. Enter Palette-Swap Ninja, a couple of gamer guys whose hobby it is to take popular songs and insert lyrics pertaining to gaming. They’re a joy to listen to and, if you’ve grown up with gaming, as I have, you can relate to the lyrics. If you want to download their entire first album, Still In Beta, FREE, go to their website:

If you choose, you can download any of the 10 songs individually. And at the bottom of the page, listed under Other Stuff, is an eleventh free song. OMG! Does the “free” never stop? (That sounded so painfully bad, didn’t it?)

My personal favorite of theirs, one that brings up that nostalgic feeling in me, is a catchy song called “Arcade Gaming Shrine.” Give it a listen below. After that video, I posted a couple of other of their tunes that I hum every so often: “Learn To Spell” and “Halo ((All I Play-Oh)),” the last of which is a fun and artsy fan-made video.

Currently, Palette-Swap Ninja is working on finishing up a major project. When that will be done and available, who knows? But it’ll be free, so who cares? 🙂

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