Avoiding Loneliness

Sometimes a couple holding hands will pass by me and I’ll reflect on whether I’m really okay with being alone in life.

And then I think about what would happen if I did meet someone who I liked and who, miraculously, liked me in return at least enough to believe she’s fallen in love with me.

I think about how life would then be.

First of all, I would have to deal with her friends.

I would have to deal with her parents and that awkward first meeting in which I’d have to convince her father that I’m not the worst person to ever walk this planet and, hey, his daughter being with me might actually be a good thing for her. I would have to deal with her siblings and I would have to deal with her relatives.

And I would have to deal with her coworkers in the event that I want to show up at her place of employment to surprise her with a romantic gesture.

With all of that said, what are the odds that at least 50% of the people associated with her are total douchebags?

Probably pretty high.

That’s something I seriously don’t want to deal with.

And then I feel better about the couple holding hands passing by me.

Thank God that’s not me. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Avoiding Loneliness

  1. You’re witty Gabriel! 😀
    Yup , relationships do require a lot of work ‘😏
    I enjoyed reading this post .

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