The Dark Room

I have a recurring nightmare.

I’m standing at the entrance of a dark room, inside are three monsters, disfigured demonic faces over black robes. Anyone who walks into the room, the demons seize and devour without mercy, indifferent of the screams and cries for help, fiercely drinking in every last drop of flesh and bone and blood.

However, when I step into the dark room, the devils back away, cower, hiding their fear in vain.

They’re afraid of me.

But that’s not the most horrific part of the dream.

The nightmare, for me, is that I’m not afraid of them.

11 thoughts on “The Dark Room

    1. Thank you! 🙂

      Sorry for not replying earlier. This comment was sent to my Spam place, center, whatever it’s called. I didn’t stumble onto it until today. Sorry about that.

  1. My years at uni seem to have broken me, the first thing I thought of when reading the title was an actual darkroom, used for photography, not a dark room. You can tell it’s Friday.

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