My Presence Demoted In Sleep

Dreams fill me with purpose,
a desire to be
all that I wish,
whatever I see.
A courageous hero,
a humble lord,
the last of a tribe
alone and bored.
Maybe not this
or perhaps not that,
could be that I want
a hairless cat.
Stroke my pet
with a villainous tip,
saying “billion” not “million,”
a pinky at my lip.
Or what I want to be,
neither evil nor good,
but someone who’s simply
not misunderstood.
Where I can be who I am
in dream or not,
where I am remembered,
not quickly forgot.
Oh, how I desire
a life without weep,
a life in which my presence
is demoted in sleep.

Like this poem? Then check out a companion poem written by thefeatheredsleep. And give her a Follow. She’s a talented poet. 🙂


5 thoughts on “My Presence Demoted In Sleep

  1. thefeatheredsleep

    Yes yes yes! Love the way you ran the title so smoothly into the last part. This was fun! You inspire me. I love how you think.

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