My Presence Demoted In Sleep

Dreams fill me with purpose,
a desire to be
all that I wish,
whatever I see.
A courageous hero,
a humble lord,
the last of a tribe
alone and bored.
Maybe not this
or perhaps not that,
could be that I want
a hairless cat.
Stroke my pet
with a villainous tip,
saying “billion” not “million,”
a pinky at my lip.
Or what I want to be,
neither evil nor good,
but someone who’s simply
not misunderstood.
Where I can be who I am
in dream or not,
where I am remembered,
not quickly forgot.
Oh, how I desire
a life without weep,
a life in which my presence
is demoted in sleep.

Like this poem? Then check out a companion poem written by thefeatheredsleep. And give her a Follow. She’s a talented poet. 🙂

5 thoughts on “My Presence Demoted In Sleep

  1. Yes yes yes! Love the way you ran the title so smoothly into the last part. This was fun! You inspire me. I love how you think.

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