Pluto’s Heart

Forever you could not know or see,
gazing, only struggling to glimpse
a miniscule of what I can be.
Forever you have buried me deep,
marveling less and less from afar,
my presence demoted in your keep.
Forever see me small as you may,
at last you near so I want to show

how greatly I love you anyway.

9 thoughts on “Pluto’s Heart

      1. Haha. Thank you. From a fellow wordsmith, that means a lot. 🙂

        But now I’m thinking of writing a poem with that line. Since we both technically wrote it, would you like to write your own poem with that line it it? I think it’d be fun to see what different poems we come up with.

        Just a suggestion, though. If you don’t want to go with it, that’s fine.

      2. I did mine. Don’t know how to link to you but I put your name in hash tag xxx

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