A Query Of Distance

Distance between our bodies equals not distance between our hearts,
not if we’re of the same mind,
the same soul in two sufficient parts.

I miss your shy smile tone as you brush a loose strand of hair over one ear,
the tilt of your head downward
in a playful timid tease so clear.

I miss the subtly hidden confidence found in every firm, sexy stride,
sparking a greater fondness
the more you no longer feign to hide.

I miss the different way I feel, the way you make me feel, looking at you,
the mystery of why it is,
why I adore everything you do.

I remember you as we met, allure at first sight, exchange of curvy grins,
counting all vile manner
in which you deprive me of my sins.

I wonder where you are, if you imagine my embrace as you fall asleep,
your silky skin I caress,
assurance of devotion so deep.

As day stretches my lonesome thoughts, stoking fiery images and such,
I feel the phantom of your gaze,
your giggle, the accent of your touch.

Memories of your tempting glance give me reason to shiver in your wake,
as I can only succumb
to what is right for both our sakes.

And so I use the last of my wishes upon every future falling star
to keep you from being far,
to be with you wherever you are.

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