Kung Fury

A couple of years ago, the video game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was released to the masses as an homage to 80’s action films. Yesterday, I saw a short film I stumbled onto while on YouTube that reminded of that very same style. The short film is called Kung Fury, a Swedish film, funded through Kickstarter, that’s written by, directed by, and stars David Sandberg. I don’t know who he is, but after seeing this film and fully laughing my ass off – really, my ass is so gone; I have to stand while writing this – what I can say is that I now know of David Sandberg and now see him as a freakishly awesome dude.

Seriously, this 30-minute short film contains everything from robot arcade machines, to laser raptors, to minigun-wielding Vikings, to frickin’ Thor. And I don’t mean the, ‘Okay, what’s with the walking shampoo commercial?’ Thor from the Marvel movies, I’m talking about a totally legit, ‘Dude, now that’s Thor!’ Thor.

What’s even more remarkable is that this short film also has a companion music video starring the legendary David Hasselhoff! (You’ll find this music video embedded below the short film video.)

High praise aside, this is a short film that’s most definitely not family friendly, so if you’re going to watch it, I recommend making sure the kids are away first. There’s strong language, exploding heads, people being chopped in half… but it’s all in good fun, though. Really, I know someone who finds watching fake beheadings a cause for excitement so I think this would be something she’d enjoy.

That is, if she hasn’t seen it yet. At this time, Kung Fury has got something like 18 million views on YouTube since it was posted two months ago. So, yeah, I’m slow; apparently slower than 18 million other people who are regular YouTube viewers. That’s actually a good statistic to know. It makes me wonder just where the YouTube views line is between, ‘I’m cool enough to know that something like this exists,’ and, ‘Hey, I have no life, so of course I know things like this exist.’

Anyway, if you’ve got a half-hour to kill and you want to see something retro that makes you say, “I damn well don’t know what the heck I just saw, but, dammit, it’s damn spectacular,” then look no further than below the next paragraph.

I now present to you… KungFuryuryuryuryryryy… Even the echo was italicized…ized…ized…ized…ed…ed…d…


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