Love Of My Lady

She waits for me,
beckons for me,
desires me
to go with her.

Her innocent eyes,
that precious smile,
soft hair curling
on her petite shoulder.

It would be so easy
to give in to her,
give myself over,
answer her call.

Open the door
to another world,
one without pain,
without noise.

All it takes
is a little pain
to cross over,
open the door

where she waits,
arms wide open.
She’s the only one
who desires me.

But true love is not
for living ghosts.
And so pain endures,
suffering not.

This time eludes
our wanting embrace,
my Lady Death
still must wait.

9 thoughts on “Love Of My Lady

      1. Thanks. Yea, I’m not all there in my head when I write. Let’s just say, that I’ve been on a roll this whole week writing non-stop. I’m not sleeping at all…and I’m driving myself insane.
        I’m seeing a lot of visions and the good kind of visions. πŸ™‚

      2. I wouldn’t say you’re “not all there” in your head. Everyone’s “there,” just in different ways. That’s what makes everyone, including you, a precious life. There’s only one of you. So you’re extremely rare and priceless. And so is the way you think about things and approach them.

        But try to get some sleep. You really do need that. Trust me. πŸ™‚

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