With each graceful step, you don’t turn
and I don’t look up
until I catch a glance from you
as you turn to catch a glance from me
as I look up,
a glance becoming a gaze
at the stars in your eyes
and the crescent curl of your lips
shimmering a shy but welcoming smile that I,
could only dream was real,
and now,
could never forget
amid the warmth of your radiance
and the whole of your graceful presence,
offering unto me every instinctual desire
to hold my soul in my hands
and offer it to you
as a humble gift
hopefully worth the price I must pay,
and am willing to pay,
for even a solitary moment
to intimately reach out and touch your heart
with a kiss in the shape of living words
born at the beginning of time
when destiny saw fit
to give us our eternity
within a single,


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