Contradiction Theory

I love you.
Fear me.

Don’t judge.
Condemn the different.

Express yourself.
That offends me; remove it.

Be yourself.
Be like them.

You chose to be gay.
I was born straight.

Be independent.
Why are you alone?

It’s okay to be single.
Why aren’t you married?

Don’t look.
Why aren’t you looking?

Show mercy.
Acquire mercilessly.

Sharing is caring.
Don’t share; that’s mine.

Money doesn’t matter.
How much do you make?

Possessions don’t matter.
How much do you own?

Status doesn’t matter.
What car do you drive?

Get a good education.
Don’t question things.

Looks don’t matter.
How much do you weigh?

Don’t do drugs.
You need medication.

Color doesn’t matter.
Are you black enough?

Color doesn’t matter.
Apologize for being white.

Color doesn’t matter.
The charge: Driving While Black.

Be truthful.
Don’t say that.

Be truthful.
Lies are necessary.

Love thy neighbor.
Don’t talk to strangers.

If you don’t like it, change it.
Now do what we tell you.

Everyone needs to vote.
We’re overruling the vote.

Do what’s right.
Do what we say is right.

We only want peace.
We’re going to war.

You can trust us.
We’re watching you.

You have free will.
Now obey.

…or else.

8 thoughts on “Contradiction Theory

  1. thefeatheredsleep

    The juxtaposition of contradictions, the choice of hypocrisies, this is damn smart, funny, sad and most of all, utterly true. As glitter says, relevant. Superb work!!!

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