…And This Post Is 200 Words

Hey! I just got my 200th follower!

*pause for applause*

*no applause*

*okay, moving on*

I figured I’d celebrate this monumental (for me) occasion by giving back to the person who was kind enough to get me to 200.

And to those of you with thousands of followers, sitting there saying, “Wow. 200. That’s… great…” I say back to you, “Okay, I’m not in the thousands, but when I get to having thousands of followers and you’re there with your millions of followers, I will be laughing so hard at you. So, so hard. ‘Cause I’ll be in the thousands while you’ll only be in the mill… ions…”

Okay, so I really didn’t think through that response very well. But I have plenty of time to think of a better one.

Anyway, if you love words and wordplay, check out The Shadows of My Mind. It’s a wonderful page with some gorgeous poetry. The first poem I read from there, Mother Nature is Crying, just took my breath away.

So hop on over there, give it a look, give it a Like, give it a Follow. You won’t regret it.

And THANK YOU to every 1 of my 200! 🙂


16 thoughts on “…And This Post Is 200 Words

  1. dunkleschönheit

    Thank you for this ^^^ Very lovely ! I am just starting out so many one day I also have so many followers. Congratulations to your milestone !!! 😊

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