Prayer For The Never Lived

I wish I had time for my entire life
but I’m living in an empty shell.
A step away from escaping Hell
at the will of a merciful knife.
One second here, one second gone,
welcoming a brand new dawn.
A divorce from Agony, my faithful wife,
and Silent Suffering, my beloved son.
Concede to mother, Despair, who hath won,
lifting the tainted trophy that is my life.
What I do to myself, a choice I make.
I pray the LORD my soul to take.


2 thoughts on “Prayer For The Never Lived

  1. Live once, live twice
    Live a thousand times.
    All lifetimes experience their share of agony
    pain, suffering.
    Some, for better reasons than others.
    If I were god,
    I would judge people based on what they chose to suffer for,
    And the reasons why they chose to impose suffering on others.

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