Asking For It

six months ago,
when you said
that thing I do
is just so adorable?
Remember when I said
six months from then,
which is now,
you would tell me
it was incredibly annoying,
which you just did?
Remember when I said
I would remind you
that I said that,
which I’m doing now?
Remember when I said
you would hit me
because for the past month
you would’ve been
so annoyed by this thing I do
that you’d be thinking,
“Someday, I’m so gonna
punch this fool
and he’s not gonna
know why?”
Well, because of this thing
I’ve been doing
for the past six months,
asking you if you remember
what I said some time ago
and predicting then
how you’d feel about it now,
and being right,
and earning that increasingly
irritated glare from you,
I think
I at least have an idea
of the ‘why.”


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