The Body

Silence is all I hear

from you.

You won’t tell me
where you’ve gone
or what I did wrong
just before you left
or let me say, “I’m sorry,”
for sinning against you
just before you left.

You won’t look at me
or open your mouth
to speak,
to tell me why
you’re so cold
or tell me how
to be bold.

You’re there but you’re not,
how to move, you forgot.
Don’t let me forget.
I want to remember you.
But not like this.


Don’t be still.
Not like this.
Tell me I’ll never lose you.
Tell me I haven’t lost you.

Tell me you hate me.
Tell me.

Tell me you love me.

Tell me.

Open your mouth.
Look at me.

Don’t leave me.
Don’t make me hate you.

Don’t leave me.
From now on

I will only love you

from now on.
I always should have.

Don’t leave me

in this unbearable silence.


5 thoughts on “The Body

  1. Although it is often said silence speaks volumes, it is difficult to process and, in my own opinion, one of the most confusing, frustrating, maddening experiences when it comes to personal relationships. When someone decides to withdraw rather than reach out, it is so unbearably difficult to endure the cold silence as you do your best to keep from drowning in your own thoughts. Sometimes we need that silence as a form of forced distance from the situation to gain better footing and have a better understanding of our own patterns. How we react to the silence is reflective of our own issues and insecurities rather than those of the silencer. Embrace the silence. Feel the anguish of the withdrawal. Know that someday this pain will be useful to you.

  2. melxdyy

    I almost cried while reading this. It’s like as though I was the main character in this beautiful, well-written prose… The emotions are verboten and nakedly exposed! OMG I THINK I’VE FALLEN FOR YOUR WORKS!

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