The Pathway To World Control

One World Government. New World Order. Prophetic inevitability. Whatever you want to call it, it’s coming and it’s coming on a fast track.

Want proof?

Listen to this podcast (CD102) from Jennifer Briney at In it, Jennifer shares the history of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and how this single organization is dictating policies to the countries that are a part of it. The question, though, is: Who runs the WTO? Who elected them? Who put them in charge? To answer those last two questions: They elected themselves. They put themselves in charge. And they’re passing laws, laws that can’t be overruled by any country, to benefit themselves and their corporations at the expense of the well-being of the People of this world. They’re not taking over the world through violence like your everyday James Bond villain, but through a control of the world’s available wealth.

But the fair point Jennifer brings up about this is that maybe a world government wouldn’t really be a bad thing, as countries in agreement are countries at peace. The problem lies in who controls that one government. Will it be a world government in which the People of the world have a say, or will it be more of a Corporate Government, like it’s heading toward now, one in which only the wealthiest 1% – those who own and control everything – continue to exert their dominance? A Corporate Government that maintains control over the smaller governing bodies of each country. If you think this sounds like the Empire in Star Wars (the good trilogy) you’re not too far off. And you’re not crazy. Truth is stranger than fiction and what’s going on now, right under all of our noses, is certainly not fiction.

Whatever happens with this world government and with increasing corporate control, remember that corporations need the People in order to function and rake in profits. They only win if you allow it, if you go along with their desire to keep you under their control. A corporation is only as powerful as the obedience of its workers and its customers. If every Walmart employee walked away from Walmart and opened and worked in their own retail stores, with each other and for each other, only purchasing from those stores, there would be no more Walmart.

Think about that for a minute. A corporation is only as powerful as the People’s inability to unite for a common cause.

On a related note, this Congressional Dish podcast features clips from Ralph Nader who, twenty years ago, predicted this would happen. If you think he’s not so insane now and wish to follow his current talkin’s about important issues affecting everyone, you can find his podcast at

You may not be able to stop the One World Government from being fully established, and you may not want to, but you can at least help to keep it out of the hands of the few who are so blinded by their own needs that they don’t give a single shit about the needs of the many. Listen to those podcasts from Jennifer Briney and Ralph Nader and take some sort of action, no matter how small, even if that action is simply in supporting those podcasts so that the word can continue to get out, because this is all happening. This is the future we are all being dragged into, whether we like it or not.

By the way, if you don’t know who Jennifer Briney is and want to see her face, if only to attach a face to the voice in the podcast, check out the below video, an Off The Grid interview conducted by former Minnesota governor Jesse “The Mind” Ventura.

29 thoughts on “The Pathway To World Control

      1. Wise words, for this my friend , is truth♡ ( You are achingly smart though, that’s reality).

      2. Hahaha! You are a funny and wildly creative soul I wish you were my neighbor, I dont find many people I click with who make me think and smile♡

      3. We should coin a cool new phrase here. You know, combine two words like “Internet” and “neighborhood” into one catchy word like “netorhood.”

        Okay, that’s not cool. How about “Interhood?”

        No, that sucks too. Umm… “neighbornet?”

        Yeah, this combining words thing is not as easy as Pokemon makes it look.

      4. Neighbornet! I like that! I get thirsty for poetry , reading yours helps satiate that longing as small talk with real world neighbors doesn’t work for me

      5. You’ll have to go first,
        I don’t know if I can.
        See, my brain has a deficiency:
        it’s wired to “man.” 😉

        So please, if you may,
        give it a try.
        And when your words blow me away,
        I’ll try not to cry.

        Aww, what the hell,
        I’m not deep in that fear.
        So whenever I feel it,
        I’ll be sure to shed a tear…

        …for you. 🙂

  1. I’ve never jumped on the World Government conspiracy train but I do see and share concerns on the increasing growth and strength of governments everywhere and the loss of the importance of the individual. It’s all about control, who has it and who can get moorland unfortunately many voters seem just A okay with this. Strange times ahead I think. Good post!

  2. Ok so how about we name it small talk poets and we both write a poem conversation then try to combine into one?

      1. Good. Okay. So let’s do them then read and combine. Sort of two conversations in poem form to each other. Gee I’m making this challenging!

      2. Just to let you know, I’m posting a poem later called “Two Small Hearts.” But it’s not related to the small talk thing we were talking about. That was the inspiration, but it’s not the idea behind the poem.

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