I travel the world, searching for a way out.
But this world travels in a circle.
There is no way out.
It carries an illusion of no walls,
an illusion created by distance.
But it’s all the same.
I’m all the same.
My illusion created by attachment,
an illusion of having no walls.
I can’t escape myself.
I travel in the same circle.
All over the world, there’s no getting away.

Maybe that’s why I believe in aliens.
Maybe I hope for someone
who can rescue me,
can take me from this prison,
take me to somewhere
I know I belong.


7 thoughts on “Travel

  1. melxdyy

    Reading this made me picture myself walking in circles non-stop because it seems like everywhere I go will lead me to a dead end. And if I were to pause and take a breather, this circle (instead of enlarging itself) will become smaller and smaller, as though its sole intention is to suffocate the person it holds. And it turns out that this circle is a representation of my life, my world. Thank you for writing this. It certainly gave me a platform to reflect and understanding myself

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