A Walk With Me

The truth hurts,
slaps reality back to me
as I hold myself hostage
in its unsticky web.

Dawn breeds the earliest of birds
racing each other for worms
to be spent on bottles of numb
and expensive lipstick.

Flowers give us this day
our daily bloom
as Mother weeps,
for she can’t forgive us our trespasses.

And the moment remains in pause
of delivering the bright future
always talked about in the past
but never seen by anyone.

And here I walk
through the moment in pause,
understanding its hesitance
toward the ignorantly undeserving.

And wind roars past me,
whipping through hairs of statues
with heirs equally still,
if not more.

Seeing only what they believe,
feeling less of what they believe,
they hold to duties
as leaders without choice,
leading us into temptation,
into damnation,
through the point of no more turning points;
leading us into the void.

And staring into the void
from dark’s outer rim,
I saw myself staring back,
confused as to why I was in the light.

Why the real was unreal
yet gripped me firmly.
Why, in this web of life,
lies are but a dream.

Why when She comes to take me,
She will say, “You have done well, child,”
and I will answer unto Her,
“Not because I wanted to.”


7 thoughts on “A Walk With Me

  1. melxdyy

    It seems surreal and actual at the same time! I love how you can perfect the art of balancing both circumstances steadily. Awesome!👍💪

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