Two Small Hearts

Too small hearts
life has battered
meet in space
connecting chatter.

They find themselves
of one mind,
discover yearnings
of specific kind.

Words of gentle
and grace unlost
brush their souls
without cost.

Trust they build
as walls secede.
A pull together,
their fate indeed.

Smiles turn
to welcome glance,
small talk centers
a rhythmic dance.

Of same spark,
of same soul.
Actors on stage
in similar role.

Emotioned spirits,
kind words lift.
Desired lifeline
for bodies adrift.

Floating away,
now floating near.
With each other
there is no fear.

Two small hearts
joined as one.
Lives left behind,
a life begun.

9 thoughts on “Two Small Hearts

  1. thefeatheredsleep

    Some killer lines! As walls seceed! Very passionately described really gorgeous. Have I ever not loved your work? Nope. Never.

      1. You know, whenever someone says to me, “You’re an angel,” I smile and respond, “I’m not an angel. I’m the Devil trying to reconcile with God.”

        I’ll look up that album. Thanks. πŸ™‚

      2. thefeatheredsleep

        Let me know if you like her work. I always liked Gabriel as a name. Devil or Angel, you are in my gang!β™‘

  2. I’m sure you know all about the Archangel Gabriel in the Biblical sense…but in case you don’t, Gabriel is the patron saint of communication; A messenger, often called upon by those seeking guidance with anything regarding communication, speech, or by those who are gifted at creative writing. πŸ˜‰

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