A Lullaby For Remembering

Yesterday is a dream whose memory fades
      upon waking inside today,
whose curious hordes and curious strangers
      are curiously kept at bay.
Bringing with them their copious attempts
      to have an ever-present say,
taking from me any semblance of effort
      or consequence to portray.
The lost notions and lost carriers of notions
      threatening to fade away,
victims of contributions quietly expecting
      an imposition of their decay.
Leaving corrupt questions to pursue
      and innocent memories to betray
as varying translations exhume the corpses
      inhabiting any previous day.
The last rites of the first thoughts read
      in the tangible disorder of the fray,
capturing every tireless retreading
      of unraveling strings being led astray.
Lending meaning to where meaning is sought
      even as seeking breeds delay
in ventures to appease the curious,
      praised in their backwardly curious way;
a blank exhaustion enduring in bygone realms
      as the dreams of yesterday.


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