3 Days, 3 Quotes (Again) – Day 3

Helloooo! I’ve been nominated to do the 3 Days, 3 Quotes challenge again, as if anyone learned anything the last time I did this.

First of all, a really big Thank You! to melxdyy for giving this nomination to me. Please check out her blog, if you already haven’t. I mean, I’ve mentioned this very thing in the last two of these posts I’ve done, so if you haven’t clicked that link, what are you waiting for? Get on it.

Second, I’m supposed to nominate three other bloggers to take on this challenge, but instead, I’ll just open it up to anyone who would like to take it. So if you have a few inspiring quotes you’d like to share with your fellow bloggers, please feel free to do that. And if there’s a blogger you want to give a shout to, feel free to do that. By the way, this paragraph is almost the same as the previous days yet again today. Super laziness, man, super laziness. I’d feel ashamed if I wasn’t too lazy to feel it.

Finally, here is the final day’s quote, something a little different. Rather than quote someone famous or… dead… I thought I’d quote a fellow blogger. You know, to show that there’s wisdom in all of us, if we only take a look at ourselves and give ourselves enough credit. So here’s the quote:

Being a twenty-something is about that super weird time of life when some people around you have all their shi-stuff together with a five-year plan that gets them through med school FO FREE and married within the year (*cough* my cousin *cough*), while others can barely figure out how to eat, make it to class on time and wear real pants on a regular basis.

This wealth of wisdom comes from Mackenzie over at Adult In Progress. Give her blog a look and also give her a Follow. Seriously, the picture of the totally cute dog is totally worth hitting that Follow button for.

Anyway, about that quote, I think there’s a good chunk of us out here – not only in our twenties, but also in our thirties and higher – who can relate to this. You wake up one day, venture outside for some reason you can’t fathom, and stand there looking around at everyone passing by, and what you see is that everyone’s got their shit together but you. All you’re doing is faking it.

But then, maybe they’re faking it too. Maybe they’re just better at it.

I just wish I was a bit better at wearing real pants.


4 thoughts on “3 Days, 3 Quotes (Again) – Day 3

  1. “And what you see is that everyone’s got their shit together but you. All you’re doing is faking it.” Oh, how I can relate! Just about the only thing I know for sure from living 40 plus years on this planet is that everybody thinks this at every age. How ridiculous, right?

    1. Totally. I’m in nearly into my forties and what I’ve learned is that I’ve thought this exact same thing in every decade of my life. I just never realized everyone else thinks the exact same thing all through their lives until recently.

      Isn’t it funny how much we all have in common and yet, because we are only in our own minds, we don’t realize it? 🙂

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