No Win

In the middle of the night
I received such a fright,
awakened by a ghost,
cliché at first sight.
He thought it a crime
as I screamed in rhyme
so he told me to stop
so I did.

He led me on a path
on which I skipped,
a path with no ups,
only downs,
and while on this path
on a constant verge
of collapse,
it somehow held together.

I was shown nothing,
not given a sign
or a glimmer of direction
or a hand to pull me
from the deep lows.
was a fractured figment
of my imagination.

Or was He?
Or was She?
Or were They?

I was given not a bed,
but had to make one
and then lie in it
all wrong,
because a bed
without instructions
can only be made
all wrong.

Or was it?
Was it right for me?

In the middle of the day,
every so often, I see myself
as not human.
And every so often, I realize
the reason I can’t live
in this world
is because I can’t stop
being human.

If I attach,
I do so at my own peril.
If I detach,
I do so at my own peril.
Forced to attach
and detach
at my own peril
for wrong reasons.

But right for them,
for the people I don’t save
because I’m not a hero.
But those who save me
every day
don’t know they’re heroes,
don’t feel like heroes,
but they are.

We are.

9 thoughts on “No Win

  1. The reason i cant live in this world is because i can’t stop being human!!! Omg you basically put into words what I’ve never been able to say. That’s it. You are amazing.

      1. Hahaha! ♡ NEVER! ! Far more! Like your efficable wit, divine sarcasm and true honesty among 100000 other found personal Gabriel qualities!♡

      2. So there are 100,004 things that make me amazing?

        Cool. Now I know. 🙂

        Thanks for counting for me. I seriously didn’t want to do that. 😉

        I did count your amazing qualities, though.Actually, I’m still counting. Right now, I’m on 77,094,385,295,455. But that number could be higher since I lost count somewhere and had to start over. If only I had more fingers to count with…

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