Seriously, Women Are People Too

Yesterday, I came across this article written by a woman who’s had to endure the kind of sexism that no woman should have to endure. Not that there’s any kind of sexism a woman should have to endure, but this is something that is especially troubling, mostly because all it takes is a tiny bit of self-control to prevent.

And please keep in mind that while a range of sexist remarks are shown in that article, I’m only going to address the ones that have to do with the outward male craving for sex. These comments come from people who, with a little self-awareness, can possibly be helped.

In the article, we see some pretty disgusting remarks made by males toward a beautiful woman, in terms of wanting to have sex with her. And, ladies, forgive me for this, but I’m not even going to say those remarks are entirely wrong; after all, I was once a hormone-raging teenager myself and had the same types of thoughts. The difference is that I didn’t put them on the Internet for all to see, including the beautiful woman who is probably more creeped out by these comments than swept off her feet. I mean, really, it’s not like a woman reads comments like that and immediately thinks of how lucky she is to have some strange guys lusting after her over the Internet.

Look, fellow males, I’m sure women do appreciate compliments about their appearance, but the kind of lewd remarks shown in that article aren’t compliments, they’re hormone-laden idiocy. As a member of the male gender myself, I understand those desires and those cravings that men have. However, I do think it a service to not put those desires into words; you know, to keep from scaring off the ladies or making them feel in any way uncomfortable.

I mean, seriously, do you know how difficult it is to give a woman a positive compliment when her first instinct is to think that you’re hitting on her because that’s what many other guys do when they’re bombarding her with creepy comments and fixations on her various body parts?

And I know what you’re thinking, guys: “Hey, I would love that amount of attention from the gender of my choice.”

No. You wouldn’t love it. Maybe at first, yes, but after a time, you’d get sick of it. You wouldn’t want to hear it anymore. You wouldn’t want to undergo the disturbing stares and unwanted advances. Think about those last two words: unwanted advances. Guys, would you want women (or men) you’re not attracted to constantly making advances toward you? Of course not. And yet, women deal with this type of thing every day of their lives.

So the least we can do, gentlemen, is act like gentlemen. Give the ladies a break. Yes, you’re still going to have those thoughts, those hormone-driven thoughts, but the least you can do, for the ladies out there, is keep those thoughts to yourself. You don’t have to always speak your mind, especially in a public place such as the Internet. In fact, the Internet is a place in which you have to exert more self-control and display more responsible behavior than you normally would. Why? Because it’s a public arena, and a kind of permanent arena. You never know when a potential employer will be looking up your Internet activities and behavior and you never know if someone else you don’t want reading your disgusting comments will find them.

And again, it only takes a tiny bit of self-control to prevent these comments. I’ll even give you the one step you need to follow in order to stop yourself from posting disgusting remarks such as the ones found in that article. Are you ready for it? Here it is:


That’s pretty much it. I mean, you can type your lewd remarks into the Comment box if you really need to get them out of your system, but just don’t click on the button that posts them onto the Internet. Really, it’s just that easy! And it not only works for lewd remarks, but also blatantly insulting remarks, too. Seriously, you can instantly go from being a total asshole to a pretty okay guy simply by taking a close look at the crap you’re about to say to someone and thinking, “Hmm… Maybe that’s not an appropriate thing to say.”

And hey, when you’re out in public and you see a pretty woman? Yeah, you can have those thoughts that come with the raging hormones. But leave them as thoughts in your head. If you pass by said pretty woman, it’s better to appear to be a gentleman than to open your mouth and out yourself as a total creepazoid. And if you have to say something, compliment her on her hair, compliment her on her eyes, compliment her on her smile or her piercings, but keep it above the neckline. Or if you’re going to compliment her on her attire, keep it classy. A casual, “Hey, lovely outfit,” is all you need to say to get your compliment across. You know, act as if you’ve had some sort of training in how to treat a lady.

Also, remember that stalking is also considered an unwanted advance. Don’t follow a girl to wherever she’s going. Don’t walk up to her and demand her attention when she’s so obviously attempting to politely ignore you. And certainly don’t crowd her and keep trying to talk to her after she’s clearly shown that she’s trying to end the one-sided conversation you started by not talking to you.

Come on, guys, there are some of us of the male variety who don’t want to be lumped into the same unfortunate category as those of you who can’t seem to control yourselves. Some of us out here do respect women and do feel the weight of the shitty label you put on all men with your shitty behavior.

So please, human males, show a little self-restraint, show a little respect toward human females, show everyone out there that chivalry isn’t dead. But most of all, please, for me and for all of mankind, do us all a tremendous favor and try to show that guys don’t only think with their dicks.


3 thoughts on “Seriously, Women Are People Too

  1. Yes! Thank you, Gabriel, that’s perfectly put! People can’t help what they’re thinking – thoughts just kinda happen whether you want it or not – but that doesn’t mean they have to be spoken out loud. I’ve heard so often that the internet makes it easier than ever to be rude to others, but really it makes it harder because words can’t just slip out on the internet. You have to physically type everything first, and press send. There are far more actions involved than in speaking without thinking.

    Thank you for putting all that into such a wonderful article, Gabriel. You deserve a medal for all that.

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