God Dust

The sky drops from purple pitch,
below you lie in the dark.
Cold picks at tender, scabbing flesh,
wounds of the day having left their mark.

When prayer turns to screaming
and screaming to cries unheard,
you realize you’re truly alone,
alone in a prolonged life absurd.

You wonder how you’ll get up,
wonder if there’s any way.
Then a light inside speaks, reminding,
“You’ve been doing it every day.”

Along the way, you lost hope,
lost faith, not knowing when, why.
Until that distant, shining light says
“You don’t need to do, only to try.”

You’ve forgotten who you are
in the presence of your fear.
Forgotten distant light is your light,
forgotten love truly resides near.

And although it may take time
to dry waters from the weep,
you know night stars appear for you,
greater substance singing you to sleep.

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