My Friend Is Totally An Artist And She Doesn’t Know It

My Taylor Swift look-alike friend, KaLee, has a megaton of artistic talent running through her, only she’s a bit too humble to admit it. So, with her blessing, she’s allowed me to post one of her poems (she says it’s not finished, but I think it’s, like, so totally cool the way it is) and a piece of art that she drew. I’m sure you’ll like her stuff way more than mine.

Click image for larger view.

The Dark Night of My Soul by KaLee

My life is a graveyard filled with ancient tombstones of my buried hopes and dreams,
Lining the dark horizon as the moon rises and casts a ghostly shadow with fading beams.

My soul is like a blackbird imprisoned in a rusty iron cage,
for an eternity I sit in dismal darkness enveloped by violent rage.

My flesh is like a decayed corpse as I reach into the unknown,
Only to be followed with welcome as warm as an icy stone.

My heart is stabbed, the wound is fatal, blood trickles slowly, kissing the ground,
As my assassins slip quietly away into the night, disappearing from the scene and hardly awakening a sound.

The world is like the depths of the deepest ocean, I’m drowning in a mere whisper of the mysterious,
My head is spinning as I try to recall a foreign phrase to me, but am left forever delirious.

Instead my head is filled with the overwhelming images of the ghosts that arise from the ashes to haunt me to my grave,
Vultures feed on my failure, and unseen forces plot their wiled against me in the sacred atmosphere of a dark cave.

In the place of sweet music to my soul, a deathly silence surrounds me,
Music and melodies fade from my memory, as I struggle to find what it is I’ve failed to see.

My eyes search through the darkness that has now enveloped me,
But all I see is an overpowering twilight that is as enthralling to me as it is eerie.

The impact is great, but my remembrance is vague, upon the hypnotism that occurs from the exotic light,
As I struggle to awake, for my life I have learned to fight.

My vision is blurred, my insight has blinded, gravel replaces the rainbow I once beheld in my soul,
Where I once imagined a beautiful enchanted land, is now filled with deep chasms and dark holes.

I see a light, it fades from within my grasp, “Wait,” I cry aloud, “enlighten my eyes, lest I sleep the slumber of the cruelest death,”
But in spite of my pain, the light fades away, where it shall sleep forever hidden by the darkness’ enveloping breath.

Love has fled, deceit is now revealed,
Hatred unleashed from the treacherous depths that were once tightly sealed.

The time is now to listen to the voices inside my head, no longer shall I consider them my enemies,
No longer, for I have now realized they are not my foes, seeking to destroy me and replace soundness with insanity.

I do not accept the lies spewing inside my skull,
Nor the fiction released into my desolate soul.

Only do I await the increase of rare knowledge, privileged to those who meditate,
And transform into admiration what used to be a murdering hate.

But the knowledge does not come, for an eternity I have waited, I have watched, but it still has yet to appear,
Has it vanished because of my unbelief, or my unceasing fear?

Radiating throughout my being is the constant echo of the corruption that has laid hold of me,
I’m secluded in a dungeon, I know now, I’m never returning, never again shall I be free.

Chaos overwhelms me and sorcery hovers in the air as I desperately grope in my eternal darkness for a way out, a key,
But silhouetted against my frail lifeform is an unforeseen shadow of atheism that has crept in and sought to destroy me.

I try to go back to the place in my soul
Where I once imagined butterflies and life and the beauty of spring where everything is colorful.

But as I have learned, I’m too far forward to ever go back,
I’m in an abyss where I was abandoned to consider only my agonizing nightmares and the poison seeping into my brain as everything suddenly goes black.

I’m alive but unconscious, I’m in a deep slumber, yet awake,
I must fight the drowsiness, I must no longer sleep, for my life is at stake.


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