Swift (So Pretty)

A pretty so swift,
couldn’t catch it if I tried.
Sparks fly in my heart
I suppose won’t subside.

Hair of natural flair,
makeup as an art,
a harmonized love story,
perfection à la carte.

A pretty so swift,
a voice elegant and dear,
spirit safe and sound,
resonant and clear.

Graceful words stirring
power in their stance,
a wonderland of magic
enticing song and dance.

A pretty so swift
in poetic, fearless stride,
along with you I journey,
along with you I glide.

That captivating smile,
who could ever deem
to imagine greater brilliance
outside of wildest dreams?

A pretty so swift,
inside, not so far,
flawless in your beauty,
teardrops on my guitar.

This style all your own,
flaunting poise each day,
but if left without it all,
I would love you anyway.

A pretty so swift,
inside, not so far,
flawless in your soul,
eyes open to who you are.

A pretty so swift,
taylor made to never hide.
Always leave me wanting more,
couldn’t leave you if I tried.

I don’t know you, but I do,
so I keep on dancing
as you keep on dancing,
like we’re 22.


3 thoughts on “Swift (So Pretty)

  1. thefeatheredsleep

    This makes me feel so much, it’s exactly what poetry should do, emote the deepest recesses of the heart. Wonderful writing.

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