There’s No Need For ‘Failure’

I just want to give a quick shoutout to a fellow blogger, Kailyn at Mixed Girl Vibe, who gave a Like to a recently posted poem of mine. I’m doing this not only because she a) Liked my poem, b) Writes an inspiring blog filled with an inspiring amount of… inspiration, but also because c) Her blog is about having success in life and the word ‘success’ is something I’ve been thinking a good deal about lately.


Well, last week, while at work, someone asked if the word ‘success’ is spelled with two c’s. Of course, the answer is yes, otherwise me and Microsoft Word would be spelling it wrong right now (FYI: I type these blog posts in Word and then Copy & Paste to WordPress). A co-worker, upon volunteering the correct answer, started sounding the word out, emphasizing ‘suc’ and ‘cess.’ Of course, me being me, when I heard the emphasis on ‘suc,’ I immediately thought of the word ‘suck’ and that, in turn, led me to wonder why we even have the word ‘failure’ when adding a k after the first c in ‘success’ would carry the same meaning. Think about it:



Totally works, right?

Yes, these are the ridiculous thoughts that rattle around my head. Like one I just had this morning about the word ‘crazy’ that caused me to change the Bio blurb on my Twitter account to “Crazy may end with a ‘y,’ but it starts with a ‘Why not?’”

Why did I do this?

I thought it’d be fun to connect something I’ve written in what we call the real world with something I’ve written in one of my books. So, somewhere in what remains to be written of the second book of my sci-fi trilogy (only three more chapters to write), I’m going to insert a dialogue exchange between my protagonist, Kara, and a female soldier named Evy (short for Evelyn) about some insane action Kara wants to take in the middle of a fight that will go something like this:

Evy: “Are you sure you want to do this? It’s crazy.”
Kara: “Yeah, well, crazy may end with a ‘y,’ but it starts with a ‘Why not?’”
Evy: “That’s cute. Did you just make that up?”
Kara: “Nah. I read that on some asshole’s Twitter account.”

Of course, the asshole I’m referring to is me, which is why I changed the Bio blurb on my Twitter account, to match up with that reference.

See what I did there? I made a connection between the real and the unreal that is, hopefully, fun for all, including the asshole who wrote it. If nothing else, I’d at least like to think that that bit of dialogue is more of a success than a suckcess. 😉

Remember to check out Kailyn’s blog!


5 thoughts on “There’s No Need For ‘Failure’

    1. Thank you! 🙂

      Once the second book is done, I’m going straight to the third (saving the editing process for later). When the last two books of the trilogy are done, I get to start the ultra-fun process of stalking Joss Whedon as I’ll attempt to convince him to take my manuscripts straight into screenplays and make the movies. If I can skip the headaches that go along with finding an agent and/or publishing, I’ll consider it a miracle and once again believe that there is a God.

      But if none of that happens, I’ll still give the God belief another shot as long as I somehow end up marrying Taylor Swift. That, too, I would consider a miracle. 😉

  1. well first of all thanks so much for referencing my blog! Secondly, you are a beautiful writer and I wish all the success for you and your blog. Your personality really pops from your post, keep being you!
    -all the best

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