As They Come And Go

Let it rain.
Let it all come down.
Let it fall.

Relieve the sun of its burden to burn.
Whether for now or forever is irrelevant;
only that it’s for good, whether for now or forever.

Sprinkle transformation and newness,
dance with a splashing whimsy
as the swelling joy overtakes the harsh emptiness.

While the welcome deluge fills the cracks,
bathing in the least among them,
pour over wounds and spaces in between.

Take for granted the spoils along the way,
blazing a trail to their rigid culture.
Care not for what comes next
for what comes next is no different.

Do not rain.
Do not come down.
Do not fall.

Relieve me of my burden to burn,
of each shattered word whisked away
at the whim of the winds quivering their delight.

Madness fades in the incandescent pool,
an opposite of natural yet natural in itself,
rippling the only way each knows how.

Incorporate a greater sense of the other
when contemplation strikes the moment,
studiously taking one side over the other.

Abide in what’s real until a parting of ways,
as the surfacing moon offers her resonance of me
to narrate what came before and will come again:
a reprise of all that’s lost to the impassable distance.

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