Why I Don’t Care About Batman V Superman Anymore

I’m going to be discussing the latest Batman V Superman trailer, which, I believe, contains a major spoiler. If you don’t want to know what it is, then don’t watch the newest trailer and certainly don’t read any further. However, if you do want to see the trailer, for your convenience, it is right below these words. Watch and read on…

I’ll be blunt: this was a terrible trailer. I’m sorry to say that because I so enjoyed the first two trailers. The first two trailers for the film were excellent in teasing without giving much away. This third trailer, though, gives everything away!


Warner Bros., why did you spoil the movie for everyone? I know you’re trying to get people into the theater, but this is Batman and Superman on the big screen together for the first time; I guarantee you that butts were already in those seats before the big Doomsday reveal.

That’s right, Doomsday is in Batman V Superman. And you know what? That’s not what’s giving me an irked feeling right now. What’s got me seriously disappointed is that, with this big reveal, which is likely the major twist in the movie, I now feel like I’ve seen the movie. So why should I go to a theater and pay upwards of $7 or more now? What would be the point of that? Now I know that Batman fights Superman until Doomsday appears and then they team up with Wonder Woman to fight Doomsday.

That’s the movie.

And it’s spoiled now. Why? You took away the one thing that could’ve had me running out of the theater – after sticking around to see any post-credits scenes – screaming in excitement about how, “Doomsday was f***ing in it! Oh my God!” But now I don’t get to do that. Now I would likely leisurely stroll from the theater commenting, “Yeah, that went the way I thought it would.”

Seriously, would anyone have cared as much about The Sixth Sense if the trailers just gave away that Bruce Willis was dead?

Come on, Hollywood, if you’re going to bother putting a major twist into the film, something to shock and surprise the audience, don’t show it in the freakin’ trailer! That just makes me not want to see the movie now. Really, I don’t care anymore. Revealing too much is a total turn-off, something that will push people away from seeing your film.

You’re pushing away the potential word-of-mouth in which someone who has seen the movie gets all giddy about the major twist and tells their friends, “You’ve got to see this movie! There’s this thing that happens! And it’s awesome! You won’t believe it! You have to see it now!” Instead, that not-so-giddy-anymore conversation with friends will probably go more like this:

“The trailer gave away everything. You don’t have to rush out to see it. Redbox it, man.”

We saw this same thing happen with Terminator: Genisys. Okay, so the initial trailers were only not bad, but they weren’t terrible and likely drew some interest that was killed the moment they released the latest trailer for the film that gave away the major twist that John Conner was now a Terminator. That trailer made me feel the same thing I’m feeling now with Batman V Superman.

A trailer like this is like that annoying person you know who just comes in and tells you the major twist in a new movie (or TV show) before you’ve had a chance to see it, and they do it without even asking if you’ve seen it or care about spoilers. I mean, I would’ve had no problem with that Terminator: Genisys trailer or the new Batman V Superman trailer if they simply labeled it as a “Spoiler Trailer.”

Actually, what I would call it is a “Sign of Desperate Marketing Trailer.” This is the type of trailer you’d likely only see from a marketing strategy that is so desperate to get people into the theater that they’re willing to give away everything, saying, “Look! Look! Doomsday is in it! Come see the film!”

But they don’t need to do that. It’s Batman! It’s Superman! The previous Batman movies made tons of money. The previous Superman film was highly successful. There’s no way these two powerhouses, together in the same film, were going to tank at the box office. So why throw out a desperation trailer? Why?

And like I said, it’s a terrible trailer anyway, and what it actually does, for me, is it brings up a fear I had about the film becoming too crowded. When you put too many major characters into a film, characters who each need their own screen time to properly develop, you reduce that screen time for each character and essentially give their stories a rushed feeling while overwhelming the audience with too much that’s going on within a short time span.

A great example of this is The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Sony, the studio behind the film, wanted to make an epic movie and so stuffed the film with so many characters that it actually hurt the movie and made it seem like storylines were rushed along and lacking proper development. That’s my fear now with Batman V Superman. Judging from this latest trailer, it seems like Warner Bros. is making the exact same mistake, and that could hurt the film. And as great as the action may be, a story bursting with potential but fulfilling none of it is not something I want to witness, or at least, pay a good amount of money to witness.

I don’t only want to see great action; I want to see a great story with well-developed characters. They could’ve accomplished both with Batman, Superman, and Lex Luthor, and no one else. Think about what it would’ve been like to have a story centered around Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor teaming up to rebuild Metropolis after the Kryptonian attack and Bruce agreeing with Luthor that Superman is a threat and needs to be stopped, pushing Bruce to become Batman so he can go after Superman. Right there, you have Batman and Lex Luther on the same team! And Lex is played off as a good guy leading a world campaign against Superman! That alone would be so cool to see.

And that’s it. That’s all they needed. Those are the only major characters they needed. That’s the only story they needed. They only needed to ask one question: Can Superman be trusted? That’s it. That could’ve been the theme of the entire film with Bruce and Lex properly introduced and developed, with Superman continuing to be developed following the events of Man of Steel. They didn’t need anything more than that.

Sometimes, the simpler thing to do is the better thing to do. In this case, a simpler Batman V Superman film, at this point, early on in the DC Cinematic Universe, I feel would’ve been much better. No Wonder Woman (as much I love her). No Doomsday. No Lex Luthor becoming a crazy mad scientist in his very first DCCU film. Just Batman and Superman, and Lex on the sidelines encouraging the fight. That’s all we really needed. Sadly, we’re going to get so much more, to the unfortunate detriment of this film.

4 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Care About Batman V Superman Anymore

    1. While I don’t completely agree with that — I think there are only a few Marvel movies that are actually good — I do think that Marvel did the right thing with their cinematic universe in that they built it up slowly and now we are where we are with it. DC seems to be doing it backwards; they want to do the big team-up films right away and then move into single character films. The problem with this is that characters aren’t being properly introduced and developed.

      This is also a problem that Marvel may be running into now, though. The Avengers: Age of Ultron didn’t do Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch any favors and with Captain America: Civil War, they’re inserting Black Panther into the mix while Captain and Stark fight it out. That may end up being bad for Black Panther in the same way that Wonder Woman may suffer for having to be a third wheel in Batman V Superman.

      We’ll just have to see how it all plays out. But I really hope movie studios don’t make a habit out of rushing everything along. Just keep it simple and take your time. It makes for better storytelling all around.

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