You Deserve

That’s why I’m here.
I was made for you,
to exist as love’s will
made flesh.

I’ve wanted to die,
but survived for you,
to be here now
for you.

To love you
as you need to be loved.
To desire you
as you deserve to be.

For too long
you’ve been alone,
craving not to be,
cursing those who’ve left.

That’s why I’m here.
That’s why I was made.
That’s why I’m with you now.
I’m what you deserve.

For all of the struggles
that fragmented you,
for the unmerited pain
your heart has endured,
for every morsel of suffering
that was endless,
it ends now
with me.

You can breathe now
You may rest now

Rest in the warm embrace
you deserve,
in the unconditional love
you deserve,

in the forever home
that is my heart
made immortal
by your touch,

solely to rest with you,
solely to breathe with you
an eternal exhale,

in love,
in bliss,
in our heaven,
as you deserve.


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